Transforming lives in rural communities through adaptive research in Agriculture, Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture

Promoting Sustainable Environment, Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquacultural Practices

SEFFA is a non-profit that specialises in promoting sustainable Environment, Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture practices

SEFFA is currently consolidated into an umbrella organization which has brought together various fisheries, agriculture and environmental cooperatives, informal groups and organizations to build up the capacities of farmers & fish farmers by teaching them better organisational skills into viability, being also involved in decision making processes and issues that affect their livelihoods and environment


Alleviation of poverty and enablement of wealth creation by poor farmers & fish farmers in sub-regions through adaptive research and strengthening modern and effective agricultural practices.


Training, empowerment and assisting communities and Nigerian institutions in establishing roadmaps to achieving effective sector governance.


Assisting in increasing world food supply and working for the sustainable use of the environment so that it is available to the incoming generations in a better form.

What We Do

We provided a platform for addressing poverty alleviation through wealth creation , sustainable environment and livelihoods among the teeming and increasing population of Africans.

We organised a training with Agriculture Services and Training Company, Jos, in collaboration with the Plateau State Government

We carried out Best Practices Aquaculture Training Programmes nationwide (in 29 nos. States) in collaboration with the Federal Department of Fisheries, Abuja. Sponsored by MDGoals


Adaptation to Climate Change in Poor Communities

We have trained 5 fishing communities in Kogi State. 156 Villagers were taught to use greenhouse technology in breeding fish and planting tomatoes and other vegetables.


Formation of Cooperative Societies

We train cooperatives societies formed in improved farming and fish farming practices. Assist and facilitate access to micro-credit for the start-up and expansion of micro-businesses in host communities through revolving loans scheme.

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Creation of the awareness of FAO, Code of Conduct For Responsible Fisheries in Yauri, Kebbi State

We embarked on a program to create awareness for FAO, Code of Conduct For Responsible Fisheries in Yauri, Kebbi State

Our Development Partners

We are committed to promoting Sustainable Environment and Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture in Nigeria.

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