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Who We Are

Susteffa is a non-governmental organization that burdened with the desire and vision to alleviate poverty amongst farmers by strengthening agriculture across the whole of Nigeria and Africa at large.

About Susteffa

SEFFA is a non-profit organization established in the year 2007 by a few concerned professional colleagues who chose to use their own resources and experiences to promote sustainable fisheries, environment and agriculture and fisheries in Nigeria.

SEFFA was eventually consolidated into an umbrella organization which has brought together various fisheries, agriculture and environmental cooperatives, informal groups and organizations to build up the capacities of farmers teaching them better organisational skills into viability, being also involved in decision making processes and issues that affect their livelihoods and environment


Alleviation of poverty and enablement of wealth creation by poor farmers in sub-regions through adaptive research and strengthening modern and effective agricultural practices.


Training, empowerment and assisting communities and Nigerian institutions in establishing roadmaps to achieving effective sector governance.


Assisting in increasing world food supply and working for the sustainable use of the environment so that it is available to the incoming generations in a better form.

What We Do

This organization was established to provide a platform for addressing poverty alleviation through wealth creation , sustainable environment and livelihoods among the teeming and increasing population of Africans.

Sustainable Environment and Fisheries Foundation is a non profit, non governmental organization working for the development of the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries in Nigeria and in Africa to increase the food supplies of the rapidly increasing population of Africa.

We carried out Best Practices Aquaculture Training Programmes nationwide (in 29 nos. States) in collaboration with the Federal Department of Fisheries, Abuja. Sponsored by MDGoals

Recent Activities

SEFFA Green Fish Farm Villages

This project is a symbiosis for fisheries, agriculture and environmental development using solar energy production which will be highly beneficial to such communities.

Nigeria-China-Ghana-Malawi Transfer of Technology

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Fishing Communities Kogi State

105 Fishermen and 44 fish sellers in Kogi state after the flood that ravaged Lokoja and environs in 2011.

Our Development Partners

The Fastest Growing Non-Governmental Organisation in Nigeria

Improving the lives of farmers by intoducing better agricultural practices

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